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Chat_GCP Podcast: Proactive Healthcare with Dr. Simon Malpas, Co-founder and CEO of Kitea Health

Join Dr. Simon Malpas, a pioneering New Zealand scientist and entrepreneur, for a fascinating discussion on the Chat_GCP Podcast. Dr. Simon Malpas is known for co-founding successful medical device and life science companies fueled by his research. This episode dives deep into Kitea Health, his latest venture revolutionizing chronic disease management with physiological pressure monitoring. Here's what the episode covers

  • Proactive Over Reactive Healthcare: Learn how Kitea Health's technology empowers proactive management of chronic conditions.

  • Hope for Hydrocephalus: Discover how Kitea Health addresses unmet medical needs in hydrocephalus patients.

  • From Research to Reality: Explore Kitea Health's journey from concept to commercialization, including our upcoming groundbreaking first-in-human clinical trial in 2024.

Listen to the full episode on Spotify


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