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Bridging the Gap: Bringing Science to Patients with Natalia Lopez, Co-founder and COO of Kitea Health

Kitea Health's co-founder, Natalia Lopez, was featured on the Chat_GCP Podcast hosted by the amazing Charles Beasley. In the interview, Natalia chats with Charles about her inspiring journey from the automotive industry to MedTech.

They delve into some fascinating topics, including:

  • Natalia's path: They discuss Natalia's transition from a successful career in the automotive industry to her passion for MedTech and founding Kitea Health.

  • Bridging the science-patient gap: The conversation explores the importance of developing valuable skills to bridge the gap between scientific research and its application to improve patient lives.

  • The technology behind Kitea Health's innovation: Charles and Natalia dive deeper into the technology that underpins Kitea Health's novel device for physiological pressure monitoring.

Listen to the full episode here


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